Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Wild emus of camp hill, alabama

The Carroll family has raised cattle & pecans in Camp Hill, Alabama (East & central) for 30 years, at times having upwards of 300 head of cattle and 40 acres of pecan orchards.  We currently lease our 900 acres to other's livestock while we transition to other forms of land use.

We currently host everything from meddlesome donkeys to
rummaging goats to the ever-curious EMUS. It's a peaceable kingdom, but if you cross our land you may get the feeling somebody is peeking  -

Sunday, November 20, 2011


We have four spring fed lakes hosting native bream and bass.  Our pastures are covered waist high with 30 years worth of fescue, rye and zaorse grasses - happy hunting grounds for local eagles, large packs of coyotes, owls, hawks & the occasional 6-foot rattling snake.

(& now I see you are the quiet uncut hair of graves)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Carroll Family Farms PECANS!!!

In addition to the winningest teams in college football, Alabama is famous for her sweet and rich pecans.  The Carroll Family Farm raises three varieties of pecans, with a uniquely sweet and buttery flavor that emanates, mysteriously, from the Camp Hill soil.  We hand toast every batch; our pecans taste like the best of the seasons in the Deep South.  Look for them this fall, we are hoping for a bumper crop!
Our farm goods have been featured in several local premiere restaurants (including BLOODHOUND, Auburn), and are soon to be available online and in specialty markets and boutiques in the Lake Martin area and beyond! 

(to be consumed with bourbon, mint juleps/straight whiskey, or the moonshine of-your-choice).
(the old orchard, county rd 34)
Our historic orchards are all-natural & organic,
hand-picked & freshly toasted. 
Please eat responsibly.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Work-Play on Our Beautiful Land.

We're currently working to renew and restore our historic (and newer and younger) pecan-orchards.  We look forward to a healthy crop for 2012.  Look for Carroll Family Farms Pecans at a cool-purveyor of Alabama-Local products near you.  Future plans include organically raised goats & Cheviot SHEEP, organic pecans, as well as locally grown herbs & heirloom southern edibles.

On the road, daddy Burke Carroll is a skilled programmer/systems integration engineer - always available for contract (!); while spouse Heidi-Annette is a professional screenwriter currently working on the screenplay STARS FELL ON ALABAMA, as well as working to open a local performance-space/gallery.  While at home, we work hard to develop our local cultural, artistic & business community (close ties to STANDARD DELUXE and BLOODHOUND, Auburn), play a few tunes, and take good care of a variety of rescue animals.

 Ava & Heidi, night picnic, lake.

Heidi & Lightening (true love, always)

Daddy helps with chandelier at restaurant-club BLOODHOUND
(Auburn, AL).

Burke designed music venue & sometimes runs sound at premiere restaurant and club BLOODHOUND(after a long night, daddy covers a little Iggy Pop ditty with the Dexateens).

Francis, helping daddy with construction.
Our revamped Truckstop (the former Panorama, a building used in various capacities since the late 1950's):  Soon to be The Camp Hill Dance-Performing Arts Studio for local, Camp Hill children!

(welcome, future young dancers!!)
       Mazzy (rest-in-peace, mazzy!) helped keep the riff-raff in line.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little-Baby Francis


Twinkle, twinkle, little Francis.

Francis was a rescue-animal from the
Alabama Twisters of April 27 2011
Covered with twister-burns and abrasions
but strangely full of joy.
Happy to be lost and found and
now, forever home.

Francis on his first night home.


Francis with blanky, Easter 2011.


Francis & Tubby.


Sweetest pig in all of Alabam'

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Beautiful Family.

Our farm is blessed and graced with two beautiful and miraculous children,
Ava Margaret and Evan Bradford Carroll.  They're the most beautiful thing on our whole farm.

                               beauty, and the beast (sweet francis!) 

ava and best-friend-forever caylee!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Evan Bradford Carroll is a gifted musician, athelete, artist, and junior engineer - also in possession of top-secret special powers -

Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Animal Friends.

We at the Carroll Farm have been blessed to have many different animal friends, no-account interlopers & otherwise  in addition to our native hawks, turkeys, coyotes, eagles, deer, geese, turtles, snakes, flying squirrels, toads, owls, etc.  But no matter who is visiting, or where they turn up, it's always only meant more ridiculousness for all.  !

(frolicking & wildness in general always appreciated)

Darling-Baby-Goats of spring, 2012.

Ferdinand.  The BULL.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Come See Us


We live in a beautiful place
at the intersection of Hwy 34 and Old 280.

Just 4 miles west of Waverly if you cut through the woods
(on the Old-280 Connector)

Come and see us sometime!